I offer multidisciplinary design with an emphasis on branding. I build visual narratives for the humans behind small businesses.






Brand Identity

Print Collateral


Production & Sourcing


Interior/Exterior Signage

Website Design & Development

Digital Collateral

Art Direction


Apartment Therapy

Oh So Beautiful Paper

Mama’s Sauce

Graphis New Talent



01 Introduction

Design is a form of communication. To clearly communicate your brand and message, I’ll need to properly understand it and make sure we will make a good partnership. To begin this process, after filling out the inquiry form, we will set up a phone call to review your brand goals and needs. I’ll put together a custom proposal and you’ll pay a 50% deposit to start your project.

02 Alignment

Following the phone call and proposal approval, I will present a brand alignment deck that takes a close look at your goals, brand values, audience, and a first look at brand look-and-feel. This will harmonize our vision and provide clear design direction. 

03 Design

Once we are creatively and philosophically aligned, I will dive in to designing your brand identity and assets. Each project is unique, and this part will follow a design-and-review process as we work through your identity and all deliverables. Your feedback is crucial to the process, and you will be involved each step of the way. All final files will be delivered via Dropbox upon final payment at the conclusion of the project.


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I have 5+ years of design industry experience, ranging from advertising agencies to boutique studios, in NYC and LA. In July of 2019, I said goodbye to my 9 to 5 to run my own studio full-time.

I pride myself on creating genuine relationships with my clients and working as a partner in their ventures. Fully understanding the person behind a brand story is the first step in sharing it. Every strong brand is a reflection of YOU — the one who conceived it, dreamed it, built it. I seek those who have a spirited passion for their trade and the need to share it with the world. If you are one of these rare souls, I’d love to work with you.

If you feel like learning something new today, Gibilterra is pronounced Jib-ill-tair-rah :)